"Owning a cottage is a dream that many people share. Narrows West Inc. is working hard to create a new cottage development that will rival other popular vacation spots around the country."

Make the dream of owning your own cottage a reality. Create family memories that will last a lifetime and consider your real estate options with Narrows West Inc. This family owned company focuses entirely on the development of the Lake Manitoba Narrows area, a part of Canada which has tremendous tourism and lifestyle potential.

Located just two hours northwest of Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba Narrows is an affordable, picturesque getaway. There are treed back cottage lots in the Narrows West development available, starting at just $42,900.

Resort property this stunning is unheard of, and we understand that it’s hard for younger families to build right away. Narrows West Inc. makes it easier for people to own their piece of paradise with flexible financing options.

Even the cottage lots that are not right on the lake will have water access. Narrows West is building a canal system around the back lots. This means that you can still park your boats on the lot and then boat to the marina or golf course directly from your cottage. Lot owners will be able to pull their boat up to almost every one of these lots.

Lake Manitoba Narrows is known as an excellent fishing and hunting destination. And with the growing number of cottage properties in the area, Narrows West’s has decided to broaden the appeal.

We’re in the process of building an epic golf course at the centre of the resort area for both vacationers and cottage owners. David Grant, a PGA golf course designer from Winnipeg, is designing the Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club course, expected to be open in 2013.

Narrows West is also looking at building another hotel at Lake Manitoba Narrows to attract even more people to the area and offer cottage residents more amenities.

The hotel will include a large water park and a spa. The combination of wilderness, golfing, Manitoba fishing, boating, and entertainment will make Narrows West the ultimate conference, family, business, and couples premier destination.

If you love living close to nature, then consider your real estate options in charming Narrows West. Enjoy the beautiful serenity of nature and world-class amenities close by. At Narrows West Inc., we want to help make the dream of cottage ownership your reality.


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