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"Owning a cottage is a dream that many people share. Narrows West Inc. is working hard to create a new cottage development that will rival other popular vacation spots around the country."

Make the dream of owning your own cottage a reality. Create family memories that will last a lifetime and consider your real estate options with Narrows West Inc. This family owned company focuses entirely on the development of the Lake Manitoba Narrows area, a part of Canada which has tremendous tourism and lifestyle potential. Located just two hours northwest of Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba Narrows is an affordable, picturesque getaway.

This area is very important to me and as a developer there is nowhere else I would focus my time and efforts onto other than the Narrows.  My family settled in this area nearly 100 years ago.  I grew up here watching my grandfather transform a small coffee shop into a lodge resort and community amenity. He could see the potential in the area and see that with all its natural beauty and resources, that people would be drawn here either as a vacation destination or a wonderful place to live.  This passion and vision is what inspired me to turn the Narrows into a resort community, enabling people to enjoy the richness of cottage living all year round and provide work opportunities so people could have their recreation and occupation at one majestic location.

Unlike other developers who buy, subdivide the area and then move on to other locations, I am completed focused on the Narrows and surrounding area. We’re in the process of building an epic golf course at the centre of the resort area for both vacationers and cottage owners. David Grant, a PGA golf course designer from Winnipeg, is designing the Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club course, expected to be open in 2016. This year we hope to complete phase one of the 18-hole golf course and have already began to develop a new large hotel project which includes 200 rooms, 2 large dining rooms, a lounge as well as world class spa and 40,000 square foot waterpark.  I envision the area to have all the comforts and amenities of a town or small city, such as large grocery stores, medical clinics, retail businesses as well as schools and community centers to benefit all that invest and live in the area.  Most people work their whole lives to retire at the lake. I always say why wait until you are retired when you can live and work at the lake now!

Many of our customers are out of province due to the beauty of our location. It is difficult to find lakes within Canada that compare to the natural beauty off Lake Manitoba and also provide the current and future amenities we have to offer. It is these features and our competitive prices that make Narrows West attractive not only to buyers all over the country but also throughout the world.

In 2003, Narrows West Lodge built 10 Chalets along the lake front and developed 86 private lots only minutes from the Lodge. These chalets consisted of 1060 sq ft – 3 bedroom units and 1056 sq ft – 4 bedroom units. All cabins were fully furnished and contain hot tubs and were built as rental properties and additional accommodations for our guests. As soon as these were built we had inquires about how to buy them and we realized that creating a cottage community in the area was in high demand. These 10 chalets were later sold to private owners for $250,000 each.  The revenues generated from the sale of the chalets were then used to purchase land for the future Narrows West Developments Project.

Due to the fact that I continually reinvest the revenue generated by sales into the community and future developments, with the success of the Narrows West Development Project, we were able to begin my dream subdivision on an area that I have known as the "family ranch."  Located 10 km from the existing lodge, the Ranch Estates, is future gated community consists of 60 lots which range from 2 to 5 acres in size.  This project will have a canal system running through the entire development enabling all lot owners to have a private dock on the lot and lake access. This canal system also creates a magical skating experience in the winter months. In the center of the project is a beautiful family park for each of the land owners to enjoy. To the west of this project, only a short walk away is a beautiful two-mile long, horseshoe shaped, unobstructed, white sandy beach for everyone in this project to enjoy.

I myself purchased land in the Ranch Estates and personally live in the home there. My wife and I will be building our dream home on the lot that we saved for ourselves so that our children, our friends and family can continue to enjoy this area for generations to come

Thanks and take care,

B. Chad Olafson

President Narrows West Group of Companies

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