Welcome to Lake Manitoba Narrows – A place where folks know all about balance.

A place where you can have the job you want, the house you’ve dreamed of – and the time to enjoy both! It’s a place where we’ve traded commuting for spending time with our families.

This is a place with the perfect combination of a balanced, stable economy, a diverse cultural community, and the benefits of urban vibrancy with rural relaxation.

Lake Manitoba Narrows is known as an excellent fishing and hunting destination. And with the growing number of cottage properties in the area, Narrows West’s has taken the initiative to develop its appeal.

Narrows West is looking at the possibility of building another hotel at Lake Manitoba Narrows to attract even more people to the area. This will also benefit cottage residents as a new hotel will offer more amenities and lifestyle options for you and your family.

The hotel will include a large water park and a spa for the utmost in family recreation and relaxation.

We’re also in the process of building an epic golf course at the centre of the resort area. This will be available to vacationers at the hotels as well as cottage owners. David Grant, a PGA golf course designer from Winnipeg, is designing the Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club course, expected to be open in 2013.

Your adventure begins with Narrows West. Enjoy the outdoors and the surrounding Manitoba wilderness. Take full advantage of the local facilities and hotel amenities.

Try your hand at golfing. Take the boat out for a day of Manitoba fishing or a spend a night out for the ultimate in dining and entertainment. All these features and more… it’s what makes Narrows West the ultimate conference, family, business, and couples premier destination.

If you love living close to nature, then consider your real estate options in charming Narrows West. Enjoy the beautiful serenity of nature with world-class hotel amenities on hand.

At Narrows West Inc., we want to help make the dream of cottage ownership your reality.

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