With the growing number of cottage properties in the Narrows West area, we’ve taken the next step in expanding our appeal… as your next epic golf course destination!

Narrows West Lodge is in the process of building a state-of-the-art golf course for all its valued patrons.

The Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club will be a one of a kind golf course with Lake Manitoba enveloping Narrows West Lodge from its eastern shores.

The Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club is being designed by David Grant from Grant Golf in Winnipeg. Once the golf course is ready to go, Narrows West Lodge will be able to organize exceptional Manitoba golf vacations for visitors from around the world.

Our province has been home to some of Canada’s best golfers; we look forward to being a part of this glorious tradition in shaping the new generation of the finest golfers from our nation.

Narrows West Lodge also offers fishing in Manitoba, with cottage lots for sale to people who are interested in becoming part of the charming Narrows West Community. Additionally a project to develop condominiums and a hotel surrounding the golf course area is in the works.

Being the owner of resort property in Lake Manitoba Narrows is like owning your very own piece of paradise. The community is diverse, with older couples choosing to make the most of this quiet sanctuary and younger couples looking to build their dream home and/or vacation property in order to bring their families closer together.

If you love living close to nature, then consider your real estate options in charming Narrows West. Enjoy the beautiful serenity of nature with a world-class golf course and superior amenities close by. At Narrows West Inc., we want to help make the dream of cottage ownership your reality.

Phone no. : 204-768-2749

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